Tone Your Inner Thighs With These 6 Moves

Do you want skinny thighs? Are you feeling like your life-style needs a bit by a makeover and a few new inspiration? With hard work, a healthy diet, and perseverance, you may be able to change the shape of your thighs, but results can vary. You will need to deploy the right combination of exercise, and if you are consistent, you will see results.

Inner Thighs Workout

Tone Your Inner Thighs With These 6 Moves

How do it:

After a one minute warmup, do 2 sets of each exercise with a 30-second rest between sets and while switching exercises.

Sumo squats: The sumo squat are a lower body strength workout. The wide stance emphasizes the muscles from the inner thigh. While doing the sumo squat keep your back straight, abs tight and be sure that your knees stay in line with your toes. Breathe in as you squat and, once your hips are slightly lower than your knees, push through the heels to return to the starting position and breathe out.

Side leg raises: The side leg raise builds strength in the outer portion of the glutes and helps to prevent injuries associated on weak hips. This exercise also increases core strength.

Deep side lunges: The deep side lunge increases strength and power in the legs. Stepping to the side increases mobility and flexibility from the hips.

Leg extensions: These exercise is proper especially for soccer players and strengthens the thigh muscles

Side leg extensions: The side leg  primarily works the abductor muscle group, a group of muscles that is responsible for moving the thigh to the side of your body. This muscles is extremely important for daily activities and sports, and strengthening the abductors can make your movements more effective. The side leg is too an effective workout for toning the hip area.

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