12 best dumbbells exercises to keep training at home

12 best dumbbells exercises to keep training at home, Hiit Workout

To stay in shape and not be able to go at the gym, it is possible to perform training routines from home. Also, with a good diet, strength training is necessary, and a great way to do it using dumbbells.

Below we’ll show you some dumbbells exercises you can try to keep fit at home.

1- Dead-lift

12 best dumbbells exercises to keep training at home, Hiit Workout

This exercise can be done with heavy dumbbells to strengthen muscles in back and lower body. However, you should avoid overexerting yourself if you are out of shape.

2- One-legged dead lift

The different variations of these dumbbells exercises provide the opportunity to work on buttocks, lower back and muscles in abdominal area.

3- Strides

You can practice with dumbbells on each side of your body, while you take a step and keep the position. It can be used to work on quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks.

4- Squats

This helps to build up muscles in the middle and lower body and also to maintain the body’s balance.

5- Heel lift

You have to sit down and take two dumbbells, one on each knee. Lifting your heels with this weight helps work the calves.

6- Lumberjack

12 best dumbbells exercises to keep training at home, Hiit Workout

It is necessary to hold dumbbells and, standing, make the gesture that a woodpecker makes. This exercise helps to work the straight and oblique of the abdomen.

7- Lifting of arms to the sides

This routine works the shoulders. It can be done standing or sitting. You must hold a dumbbell in each hand.

8- Arms extension

While sitting or standing, we must make a vertical extension of each arm, holding a dumbbell, this way working the triceps.

9- Horizontal Rowing

12 best dumbbells exercises to keep training at home, Hiit Workout

The torso is parallel to the ground, so we have to make the gesture of rowing. This routine helps strengthen and work the muscles of the back and shoulders, and even the arms.

10- Shrug your shoulders

This movement helps us work the muscles of neck and shoulders, and also the trapezium and rhomboids. It is necessary to perform it standing up and with both hands.

11- Rotation of logs

Using one or two dumbbells, you should hold them with both hands and only move the trunk. This way it is possible to work on rectums and obliques in the abdominal area.

12- Abdominal extension

Put your hands on the dumbbells and turn them over. This way it works the core and has a more defined musculature.

These exercises help us to gain muscles or recover lost ones. So, it is not necessary to have a complex system of equipment; with a few dumbbells we can do these and many more to keep fit and healthy.

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