3 best exercises to burn belly fat in 10 minutes

best exercises to burn belly fat

Long hours of practicing exercises during many weeks and months waiting for results, but what if 10 seconds are able to change your life. So, do you really want to lose that extra pounds and have a well-shaped body in only 10 minutes? Then you need to practice this perfect exercise.

Since many people are complaining from the little time they have, to do some sport exercise in the gym or even at home, minutes are enough to do this exercise, just three simple steps you must do to burn fat.

3 best exercises to burn belly fat in 10 minutes, Hiit Workout

Just to inform you this exercise is made to warm your body up, and prepare it for physical activity. It is good to strengthen your body and make it active, including refreshing you and enhancing your cardio activity. It is recommended for you before any type of daily routine.

This exercise routine is very important to get rid of the extra fat that your body contains, especially in the belly. It makes your abdomen burning its fat, and strengthens your muscles activity including your heart.

According to the National Institute of Health in the United States, the main objective of this exercise is to lose fat, since the accumulated fat is the reason behind not letting the muscles to be marked. It declared also, that many cardiovascular exercises are needed to obtain the mentioned benefits.

These three exercises are very helpful for those who want to build up their muscles and get a graceful body. Here is the best exercises to burn belly fat:

1. Crunch exercise

3 best exercises to burn belly fat in 10 minutes, Hiit Workout

It is one of the most typical and traditional exercises, that works on building your muscles.

How we do it?

To do it correctly, you need to lie dawn and put your legs together and bend them slightly. Put your hands behind your head and lift your torso and hold for 10 seconds. Don’ t forget to put your feet flat. Stay doing that movement all over again, this will build up your body and strengthen your belly muscles. It will keep your first two blocks of the rectus abdominal sculpted and strong like steel.  In this way you can build the six-pack muscles and get a perfect belly shape.

Do 3 sets and 15 reps.

2. Plank exercise

3 best exercises to burn belly fat in 10 minutes, Hiit Workout

It is one of the most effective exercises to shape your belly and make it perfect and strong.

How we do it?

It is based on facing your body to the floor in one straight line, and make your shoulder at the same level and straight too. You must keep your legs close and try to get closer to the floor by making tension in all muscles of the body, the more you resist the better for you.10 seconds are the estimated time to do this exercise.

Perform 3 sets of 10 seconds

3. Legs -up exercise:

3 best exercises to burn belly fat in 10 minutes, Hiit Workout

It is very effective exercise and very simple to do it at home.

How we do it?

All what you have to do is to lie on your back and to take progressively your legs up, just detached from the floor some centimeters. Put your arms on the outstretched side of your body, and try not to move them. Do it for 10 seconds and take a rest for another 10 seconds, keep on doing that over and over. This exercise is also good for those who suffer from backache.

Perform 3 sets and repeat 15 times.

It is simple workout, easy and very practical for those who want to burn fat, because with a balanced diet and even 10-15 minutes of fat burning exercises will have a belly that everyone else will want.

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