3 reasons why you should never laying your clothes in the room


Do you ever wonder why it’s always better to put your clothes to dry on a shelf in a basement rather than in other parts in your home or apartment, like next to your bed as well as in the kitchen. Well, do you know that you are risking your life?

The reason why you shouldn’t hang out your clothes in your room is simple enough and you should not ignore it!

The humidity given off by the clothes will turn the room where you shop into a theme park that is very much visited by mites of various kinds. In addition, fungi and other parasites can make their appearance and remain on curtains and walls for a long time.

Diseases such as asthma are caused by the above-mentioned external agents. Allergies, respiratory conditions and various infections will soon affect you. The spores will become strong in your respiratory system and may affect your immune system progressively. Children and the elderly may develop ailments with a complicated prognosis.

People with weakened immune systems and asthma are especially at risk. It can lead to the onslaught of respiratory, allergy, asthma and lung diseases. And in the worst case, an infection in the lungs, which can cause death.
Experts advise drying clothes in the following ways:

– Let it dry outdoors, naturally. You can dry it in a clothes dryer. Or in a well-ventilated room that faces outside.

– Always store your dryer in the same room. If possible, do it in a kitchen or bathroom. Why? Because the wall covering allows for better cleaning and application of disinfectants that delay this problem.

– Use a dehumidifier. This appliance is quite affordable and will efficiently capture the moisture in the room. When the included tank is full, you only need to dispose of the water.

– Avoid the use of heaters, fans and the like. It will easily increase the amount of toxic fumes and end up multiplying the number of bacteria almost unnoticed.

– Try to leave the window of your chosen room open all night. Renewing the atmosphere is a good way to prevent you from breathing in the moisture from the clothes you have left on.

Remember these tips and don’t forget them if you want to be healthy. You can reduce any risk of disease in these simple and easy ways.

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