3 simple exercises to fight old age diseases

Age is an inevitable factor in life, but we can take steps now to prevent negative effects in future. Let’s talk about three exercises that will help keep you young and healthy.

Keep in mind that regular exercise improves mobility, cardiopulmonary health and maintains their quality of life, that is, it improves functionality and prevents fragility, making it possible for them to be self-sufficient in the daily aspects of life.

1. Push-ups on a chair or table

3 simple exercises to fight old age diseases, Hiit Workout

This exercise improves the muscles and nerve plexuses of the upper limbs, normalizes the venous outflow of blood from the brain, relieves the lungs and heart.

You have to lean on a table or chair: the body is straight, the hands are bent in elbow joints. Inhale arms unbend, raising the body above the surface of the table or chair, exhale – bend in the elbows, lowering to the original position.

Perform 3 sets of 10 repeats.

2. Squats with a straight back

3 simple exercises to fight old age diseases, Hiit Workout

It improves the venous return to the right atrium, the brain. Thanks to this, thrombophlebitis is prevented, and in addition, the person forgets about fatigue.

This exercise must be done with your hands on a fixed support. A simple door or wall can be used for this. You have to face the door end, hold the handles on both sides. The legs should be on the width of the shoulders, the eyes should be in front of you. You have to squat on your exhalation and rise on your breath.

Do 3 sets of 10 repeats.

3. Half plough pose

3 simple exercises to fight old age diseases, Hiit Workout

The exercise uses the muscles and ligaments of the middle part of the body, internal organs: intestine, gallbladder, kidneys, as well as the lumbar thoracic spine

You have to lie on your back on the floor, then raise and lower your legs 90 degrees. The exercise consists of several approaches, in each approach up to 5-10 repetitions.