30 Day Butt Lift Challenge

These exercises are simple and will help you to increase the volume of your buttocks. The best part is that you can do them at home!

To want a sculpted body is a very common desire, but to reach the goal is quite difficult.

The butt is one of the parts of the body that causes the most conflicting feelings. While some women are happy with their natural size, other women would like to have a little more volume, and that is when they resort to specialized exercises.

30-day butt lift challenge to achieve perfection with just 3 exercises.

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge, Hiit Workout


Here are 3 exercises to increase the volume of your buttocks.

1. D-Lites

Go on plank position on yoga mat. Tighten your core.
Now lift your bum up in the air and reduce the distance between your legs and arms like upside down ‘V’ shape.
Keep your eyes to the toes.
Now lift one leg up and take circle on side to bottom, then lift the leg up again and repeat for 45 secs.
Switch the leg and repeat this move for 45 secs.

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2. Mini Circle Maniacs For One Leg

Take support on one knee and other knee up in the air and take support on same side arm (palm).
Other hand goes on waist folding elbows.
Now take small circles with the leg in the air for about 10 secs.
Take the reverse mini circles for 20 secs.
After reversing mini circles stay in this position for few secs (leg in the air).
Then lift that leg for 30 secs.

Now switch the side and do same moves as above but with other leg.

3. Hammy Curls

Head up and hands on floor on top of each other folding the elbows.
Spread your legs, lift the legs up to knees then lift legs up (see the picture).
Do this move for 45 secs, then stay few secs on same position after lifting your legs up to knees.
Keep lifting your legs up without putting on the floor for 15 secs.

Now you only need a month of training, and your legs and buttocks will change completely.

Also, when you based your diet on these foods and are consistent with these exercises, you will soon see results.

image source: blogilates.com