4 Minute Afternoon Burn Workout

Exercising in the morning is best, a few research shows that the ideal time to workout from a physiological perspective are actually in the afternoon, research shows 3-7 pm is best.

Repeat circuit 2 times, 5 day a week for better result, rest 10 seconds after each move.

Burn fat for up to 24 hours with this 4 Minute Afternoon Burn Workout.

 4 Minute Afternoon Burn Workout

Afternoon Burn Workout:

Afternoon Burn Benefits:

  1. Increase work out performance – our body temperature are ideal & muscles at peak strength
  2. Prevent injuries – our muscles are sufficiently warm and most from us are alert in the late afternoon
  3. Improve performance – the circadian rhythms in our brains are in an ideal state
  4. Expel our bodies of stress that’s accumulated during the day
  5. Give us something to look forward to ahead relaxing in the evening
  6. Make exercise seem easier – studies show perceived exertion of exercise are lower late in the day
  7. Make exercise convenient – exercising during our lunch break for example
  8. Make it easier to “partner up” or find a workout partner
  9. Can help lower the amount from food we eat – by helping us to avoid large lunches for example
  10. Can help reduce the amount of food we feel like eating for dinner
  11. Help us maximize our fitness and muscle size and strength

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