5 Reasons why you should stop taking ibuprofen at age 40

Ibuprofen is a very common medicine that is usually prescribed for different pains such as back, head or throat pain among others. Doctors usually recommend that we take one every 8 hours with meals, but day after day we keep waking up with the same pain.

But many people do not know that regular use of this medicine can seriously harm their health. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned everyone in a 2005 study about the risks of taking this type of anti-inflammatory.

Over the short term, it can cause heart attacks, and the risk of heart attack can be greatly increased. This problem may increase with continued use of ibuprofen. You don’t even have to have heart problems to be exposed to this problem, although if you do, you may have a greater chance of.

The risk is even greater for people over 40, at which age the chances of suffering one of these heart attacks increase exponentially.

So, we’re going to talk about a natural alternative for relieving pain. This natural recipe is the perfect substitute for ibuprofen!

5 Reasons why you should stop taking ibuprofen at age 40, Hiit Workout

Turmeric is a plant native to South Asia that is well known for its healing properties. You can buy it in most supermarkets and herbalists. It tastes somewhat spicy and can be used in a number of recipes.

Mix one tablespoon of powdered turmeric with one cup of honey and the juice of one squeezed lemon in a glass. Stir it all with a wooden spoon and add a teaspoon of this mixture to a cup of warm water or tea.

Drink this drink three times a day and you will feel the pain decrease.

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You can also incorporate turmeric directly into your daily diet by adding it to your meals. Mixed with fruit and vegetables, it is delicious.

A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that turmeric also plays an important role in treating arthritis. The study included 109 patients who had previously been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee.

Over a six-week period, some of the subjects received 800 mg of ibuprofen and the remaining participants took 2,000 mg of turmeric.

They assessed for 6 weeks the pain the patients felt during exercises such as climbing stairs, walking and cycling. Those who consumed turmeric had better results, so they concluded that it was not only healthier to take turmeric but also more effective.

You know, next time your doctor prescribes ibuprofen, go to the nearest herbalist and buy turmeric.

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