6 Effective exercises to eliminate varicose veins

Many women suffer from varicose veins. Frequently, the cause of this disease is a weak venous tissue, but sometimes the disease development is due to heredity. When the affected vein expands, its walls become thinner, legs begin to hurt and swell, walking and even sitting becomes difficult. You can also improve the venous outflow with the help of simple exercises.

Learn how to recognize varicose veins in the early and how you can prevent complications.

First signs of varicose

6 Effective exercises to eliminate varicose veins, Hiit Workout

-pronounced vascular meshes appear on hips and shins, and large veins acquire a cyanotic shade;
-pain is periodically felt in the ankle area, especially after exercise;
-in the evening, the shins swell and the legs become tired;
-it becomes difficult to sit or stand up for long periods of time;
-at night, there are often cramps.

How to avoid varicose vein disease. Excellent prevention of varicose veins is:

-reducing time spent in bath, in open sun. All this leads to a decrease in venous tone and -subsequent stagnation of blood in the legs;
-wearing clothes that do not stiffen the movement (not too tight and without tight rubber bands);
-wearing shoes without high heels to reduce the load on the veins in the legs;
-normalizing body weight (extra fat deposits increase venous pressure);
-practicing any kind of sport – running, swimming, cycling.

Effective exercises improving the varicose veins.

Regular performance of this set of exercises will prevent the development of varicose veins or slow down the process of dilation. The following exercises are included in gymnastics:

6 Effective exercises to eliminate varicose veins, Hiit Workout

1. It is necessary to sit on a chair, straighten the back, close the legs and perform 15 to 20 rolls with the feet.

2. In the standing position, lean with two hands on any hard surface (standing with your back to the support), then slowly rise to the socks and fall to the heels. In total, you need to make 15 to 20 such movements.

3. While standing, lean on wall with your hands (hands at shoulder level) and just like in the previous exercise, perform several movements from socks to heels.

4. Standing with a flat back it is necessary to take a deep breath, and on an exhalation to raise your hands high, leaning on the socks and pulling up. Leaning down on the heels, you should relax all muscles as much as possible.

5. You should sit on a chair, place your legs at right angles and lift them up one by one, making rotational movements to the right and left. Each foot should make up to 20 rotations.

6. You should sit on the chair, close your legs and climb smoothly up to your fingers, then lower your feet. In total you should make 20 lifts.

It is very simple, but effective for veins exercises. Do it regularly and you will see a positive result soon.