14 Best Exercise To Lose Weight Fast At Home

These 14 best exercises to lose weight fast, you need to invest just 10 minutes a day.

Burn fat, build strength and ameliorate the basic physical condition is possible with a series of beneficial health exercises and ideal to improve fitness and lose weight.

The goal is to do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise for 5 days a week . No more or less than the minimum recommendation of the World Health Organization , which advocates 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Completing that goal can help you, among other things, reduce the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or a few types of cancer

In the same way, exercising will help you improve bone and functional health , which will ultimately prevent a greater risk of falls and fractures, and is a determining factor in energy expenditure , essential for caloric balance and weight control . Not to mention the innumerable benefits for mental health , as it prevents the risk of depression and helps manage stress.

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Fortunately, it’s not necessary to go to the gym, go jogging or ride a bike . There is an workout routine that you can do without leaving home, to lose weight or develop the muscles and strength.

14 exercises to burn fat, lose weight and be fit without leaving home:

1- Warming up

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

Warming up prior to your training session is essential for preventing injury. This jump rope exercise is an excellent way to burn major calories and warm up.

Do it for 30 seconds.

2- Plank Oblique Crunch

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

Plank with oblique crunch is a great exercise for working the abdomen, buttocks, hip flexors, obliques and shoulders. You can do it on a mat or a Bosu ball.

How To Do

1. Get in the plank position..
2. Lean on your forearms and align your elbows under your shoulders.
3. Bend your left knee, turn them to the side and touch your elbow with it. Squeeze your left obliques.
4. Stay that way for a couple of seconds and return the leg to the starting position.
5. Repeat with your right leg.

Alternate legs for 30 or 40 seconds.

3- Side plank: Abdomen and obliques

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You will burn fat in areas of oblique mucules.

How To Do

1. Lie on the right side. Put your feet on top of one another.
2. Lean on your elbow and lift your hips. Keep your body straight from the head to the heels.
3. Place the palm of your left hand behind the head and slowly bring the left knee towards the left elbow.
4. Hold the pose for some seconds and return to the starting position.

Repeat for 40 seconds with each side.

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4- Crab toe touch

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You work the abdominal area

How To Do

1. Start on a mat. Bend your knees and place your feet at a distance similar to the width of your hips. Leave your hands behind you.
2. Lift your body off the ground. Your neck should be relaxed.
3. Lift one leg and try to reach your foot with the opposite hand.
4. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and bring your leg and hand to the starting position. Then, do it with the other side.

Repeat for 60 seconds, alternating legs.

5- Climber

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You work the abdominal area. You’ll need a fitness ball for this exercise.

How To Do

1. Place your hands on the ball between 45 – 60 centimeters apart.
2. Add your legs back and support your body, as shown in the image above. Be sure it forms a straight line.
3. Lift your left knee to your chest. Hold it there for a second then take it to the starting position.
4. Alternate your legs and stand firm on the stability ball.

Do the exercise for 30 seconds.

6- Balance

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

It tones up diverse zones of the body, generating contraction in abs, those of the chest, shoulders, hamstrings, ankles and legs.

How To Do

1. Place yourself on your left foot then raise your right knee to hip height ahead of your body.
2. Keep your elbows bent at shoulder level.
3. Lean forward and extend your arms forward while stretching your right leg backward.
4. Keep your left leg slightly bent so your torso is parallel to the ground.
5. Stay in that position for 10 seconds and slowly return to your starting position. Repeat for the other side.

Alternate sides for 60 seconds.

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7- Russian twist

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You will work core, oblique and spinal muscles.

How To Do

1. Sit on the floor and place your legs stretched out in front of you.
2. Lean back a little and begin to raise your legs. They should be slightly bent at the knees. 3. 3. Stop when your knees line up on your chest.
4. Keep your balance and core in tension, and begin by twisting your torso from side to side. Don’t move your legs.

Exercise for 2 minutes.

8- Abs in dog posture, face down

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You will work core and buttocks.

How To Do

1. Place your hands apart on the floor, at a distance similar to the width of your shoulders.
2. Lift your hips keeping your legs straight. Be sure your spine is straight and your head is between your arms.
3. Bend your right knee and bring it to your right elbow, moving your entire torso with that. 4. Stop for a second then slowly raise your leg pointing to the sky.
5. Stay in that position for a few seconds then bring the leg to the right elbow.

Do this for 30 seconds with each leg.

9 – Lunge with torsion of the spine

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

Comes from yoga and stimulates the abdominal area, rib cage and shoulders.

How To Do

1. Stand on the floor with your feet aligned on your shoulders.

2. Turn your right foot to the right at 90 degrees, and turn your left foot slightly to the right. Your heels should be in one line.
3. Turn your torso to the right, then start turning it to your left foot so that it is parallel to your right foot.
4. Bend your right knee, keeping your legs taut. Place your right hand on the floor ahead of your right foot. Your left hand should be raised and pointing to the sky.
5. Keep both hands straight and stay in that position for 10 or 20 seconds.
6. Repeat to the other side.

10- Impacts with the ball

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You’ll work on different areas such triceps, stomach, shoulders, calves, back, buttocks and quadriceps.

How To Do

1. Take a medicine ball and stand on the floor on your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Raise the ball over your head.
3. Throw the ball to the ground as hard as you can applying all your muscles. Then grab it. Keep your hands, spine and core taut.

Make impacts for 1 minute.

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11- cobra exercise

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

Comes from yoga; reaffirms and tones the shoulders, stomach and buttocks.

How To Do

1. Lie on your belly. Extend your legs and place it about 10 centimeters apart.
2. Place the palms of your hands just below your shoulders, on both sides of your body.
3. Inhale and raise your chest by pressing both hands against the floor.
4. Keep bending your upper body and back as far as you feel comfortable.
5. Keep your core taut. Stay in position for 10 seconds.

Conduct 3 sessions of 10 seconds each.

12- V passes with ball

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You will work stomach, buttocks and shoulders.

How To Do

1. For this exercise you’ll need a Swiss ball (fitness ball). Lie face up on your yoga mat and hold it on your hands behind your head.
2. Tension your core muscles, raise your arms and place the ball between your legs.
3. Lower your arms to the ground and too your legs, holding the ball.
4.Pass the ball back into your hands in the opposite direction.

Repeat 15 times.

13- Hypopressive abs

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

You can beginning or finish a routine with them, it is the most ideal; they are not difficult to do, but if they involve a bit time because if you do them daily you could get rid of the fat of your belly without wasting much time.

How To Do

1. Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should remain on your hips.
2. Exhale as much air from your lungs as you can. Try to feel that there is nothing left in them.
3. Open your ribs and try to shrink your abdomen as very much like you can. Imagine that you’re trying to touch the spine with your belly.
4. Stay that way for 20 seconds and let go.

Repeat 10 times.

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14- Chair relaxation

best exercise to lose weight fast at home

As you finish your routine; sit in a chair, relax for a while and do a simple activity: arm circles.

How To Do

1. Keep your back straight, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, and place your hands behind your head.
2. Make circular movements on your elbows slow.