11 best foods to fight fatigue and boost your natural energy

Food helps fight fatigue

11 best foods to fight fatigue and boost your natural energy, Hiit Workout

There are several causes of fatigue, including poor sleep, low nutrient and mineral intake, illness, or intake of certain medications, such as anti-anxiety drugs. Hormonal imbalances, stress and even depression can cause fatigue, in fact, there is a way to fight it with a good food.

To fight fatigue many experts suggest eating these foods.

1- Walnuts

An excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin E Omega 3, melatonin, antioxidants and polyphenols, walnuts could provide well-being and energy. Therefore, you can consume 2 to 4 servings a day. If you are overweight, it is preferable that you consume 2 portions a day.

2- Chocolate

It’s an excellent food that helps lift spirits and overcome fatigue. Consuming 30 grams a day will be enough. Black chocolates have antioxidant properties, and there are some with a good amount of polyphenols.

3- Bananas

This fruit contains magnesium and enhances the production of amino acids that promote formation of serotonin. You can eat it any time during the day, especially after exercise.

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4- Dates

Thanks to the glucose, vitamins and minerals contained in them, it gives you a great deal of energy and stimulates brain activity. The ideal is to eat 3 to 5 pieces a day, especially when you will have a day with a lot of physical activity.

5- Lentils

They contain polyphenols, iron and carbohydrates. The advantage of lentils is their versatility. They can be eaten in soups, stews, salads and even in hamburgers. To take advantage of the iron, you should eat lentils with an orange to improve your health.

6- Milk

Contains tryptophan, an amino acid that increases serotonin levels and fights depression, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Specialists recommend drinking one glass during the day and one before bedtime, for improving nervous system quality.

7- Oatmeal

Of all cereals, it contains a good amount of vitamins which form the B complex. Because of this, it is possible to stay awake during the day. Also, when it comes to oatmeal, it is possible to lose weight and increase performance during physical activity.

8- Various types of meat

Various types of meat, such as red, white and fish, provide iron. Fish in particular, thanks to Omega 3 content may improve fatigue. However, the foods that cause fatigue are those that are repeated daily. Therefore, it is important to vary between foods, eating a medium portion between them.

9- Bread

Wholemeal bread provides healthy carbohydrates. They also provide B-complex vitamins and help your body to have energy for longer. So you can avoid and fight fatigue.

10- Tomato

Hydration is a good ally when it comes to muscle fatigue. That is why tomatoes are so popular as food to combat this ailment, since they help reduce the body’s lactic acid and are 90% water.

11- Red pepper

High in vitamin C and fiber, which promotes a healthy immune system and strengthens the physical condition to avoid falling into periods of fatigue. It also increases brain capacity and stimulates concentration – eat it between meals or at breakfast!

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However, if you suffer from chronic fatigue, you will need to visit a specialist for an evaluation and to determine the causes and the complementary treatment you need to follow.