How To Do Calf Raises Exercise

The calf raises is a particularly useful exercise and simple to perform anywhere, performing this move will help you to strengthen the muscles of the whole leg, especially the twins.


One of the main benefits of calf raises is target the muscles on the back of the lower legs. This exercise will help you to increases the strength of your calves. In addition, it is an ideal movement to recover after an injury to the ankle joint.

It is an exercise that boosts the stride impulse, ideal for runners. Also as protecting the runner from many other injuries

How To Do Calf Raises Exercise, Hiit Workout

How To Do Calf raises

The technique of this exercise seems simple but there are many factors that must be allowed for proper execution without falling into injuries. Below, we explain the steps you must follow to do heel lifts correctly:

  1. Stand on your torso upright, your feet hip-width apart and your toes pointing forward.
  2. Keep your knees straight and raise your heels as much as possible.
  3. Once you reach the highest point, try to hold on for 2 or 3 seconds before slowly lowering your heels again.

If you have problems with balance, you can resort to holding onto a stable object.

If this exercise is too simple a weight can be applied, it can be some bottles of water or carry a full backpack.

During calf raises, the thigh must be kept in tension ready to fix the knee joint.

Be sure that during the downward movement, the heels do not fall suddenly but reach the ground in a controlled way.


Calf raises one leg: standing, leaning on one leg, the tip of foot on a step or drawer, one hand with a dumbbell and the other supported to provide balance.

Donkey Calf raises: legs extended, trunk leaning forward, forearms supported and weight on the back of the pelvis. The basic thing is to do it in a machine, a possible variant is with a person on his or her back. Always keep your back straight.

Seamstress: This exercise requires minimizing the action of the twins. Sitting with bent legs. The tip of the feet must be supported on a barely elevated surface in order to work on the whole range of joints. It can be done with a bar or a machine, the latter can carry a greater amount of weight.

Pressing gym: support only the toes on the machine platform, the legs should be slightly bent in the initial position. It’s important to hold the side grips to stabilize the upper body. Avoid common mistakes such bending your knees overmuch.