7 foods you can eat a lot between meals and still not gain weight

There is still food you can eat with no limitation. They are rich in fiber and low in calories, which will satisfy you without the risk of gaining weight. But you must always strive to ensure that your diet is well balanced with a sensible variety of foods.


7 foods you can eat a lot between meals and still not gain weight, Hiit Workout

Its only eight grams of sugar is one of the fruits that burn the most fats. Citrus fruits generally help you lose weight because they have pectin, just like apples.

Oranges are one of the least fattening desserts. If you find it difficult to choose them from the restaurant menu when comparing them to tiramisu or profiteroles, we suggest you order them at the beginning of everything. This way, you won’t eat hungry main dishes and you can eat discreet amounts.

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Chickpeas, beans, peas or lentils are sources of protein that we should eat much more, especially if we are on a diet.

They have a lot of fiber and protein. According to a recent review of several studies, they fill 31% more than pasta and bread . If you don’t believe us, make yourself a green leafy salad with a handful of legumes, add raw olive oil, and wait a few hours. You will see that you feel fuller than if you had eaten a large plate of spaghetti in sauce.

Fresh eggs

Anglo-Saxons know what they do when they eat eggs first thing in the morning. Even if they want to lose weight, because several studies have confirmed that they fill the stomach helping to avoid caloric excesses the rest of the day.

One of these investigations measured body mass indexes in people on a diet for eight weeks: those who ate an egg breakfast had an easier time losing weight than those who opted for other options such as light bagels.

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7 foods you can eat a lot between meals and still not gain weight, Hiit Workout

Yes, popcorn is not fat in relation to what they fill. Whole grain cereal are and as such are pure fiber and volume satisfies hunger without weight problems they have, for example , the chips .

Of course, microwave-ready processed products are full of unhealthy fats and almost always salt. The most recommended are those made with hot air machines , which do not need oil.


The apple is one of the most suitable options to snack between meals, among other things because it contains pectin , a soluble fiber that slows down digestion naturally, making us feel satisfied with a small amount.

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In addition, apples have 85% water , which increases their volume. As always with fruits (and even vegetables) it is better to eat them unpeeled and not try to substitute them for juices. One study showed that taking an apple at mealtime reduced the total calories a person needs to feel satiated in that sitting. Up to 91 calories less was supposed to do this compared to those who ate applesauce, and 150 calories less compared to those who took a juice.

Vegetables soup

If you think the soups don’t fill you are very wrong. They are an ideal way to “trick” the stomach, making you feel more satiated than if you took the ingredients “dry” . Several studies document it: its viscosity affects the feeling of satiety and helps in various ways to reduce calorie intake .

Don’t trust the creams instead. Depending on how they are cooked, they can gain a lot of weight, especially depending on the type of fat added. On the other hand, a vegetable broth, more or less thick, of the first course is a great way to satiate yourself without gaining weight.


7 foods you can eat a lot between meals and still not gain weight, Hiit Workout

Because it is one of the best ways to eat cereal . You can prepare flakes as is with berries and some skim milk or yogurt, for example. Or you can cook oatmeal and mix it with nuts, seeds and your favorite fruit.

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Its best asset when it comes to losing weight is its healthy fiber content: beta-glucans , which are also responsible for its texture, highly appreciated when the body asks you for strong food that you can chew.

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