9 Things Happen To Your Body If You Eat 2 Eggs A Day

The egg is attributed with some harm for the body, for example, it can raise levels of bad cholesterol, a myth that has already been disproved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

9 Things Happen To Your Body If You Eat 2 Eggs A Day, Hiit Workout

In fact, eating two eggs a day can bring great health benefits, as nutritionists from the Latin American Egg Institute say. Next we present the latest research findings on the health benefits of eating eggs for your body.

1- Protects your brain

It has choline, an essential nutrient that keeps the brain in good shape and prevents memory loss. In addition, it improves liver function, reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

2- Strengthens bones

Thanks to its dose of vitamin D, the egg stimulates the absorption and fixation of calcium in bones and teeth. This without omitting that its protein is beneficial for the muscles.

3- Weight loss

If you want to get rid of the extra pounds, having two eggs for breakfast will be your best strategy. This is because it creates a feeling of satiety which prevents you from overeating during the rest of the day.

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4- Hair and skin

Because it is rich in biotin, eggs slow down hair loss and seborrheic dermatitis, and the egg white contains amino acids (proline) that induce the production of collagen, which helps to care for the skin and keep the dreaded wrinkles in check.

5- Heart

Contrary to previous opinions, according to the most recent research, the cholesterol in eggs is balanced with phosphatides, so it is not bad for humans. It stops the production of cholesterol in the body. Eggs also contain Omega-3 acids that reduce the level of triglycerides, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease

6. Vision

New research has shown that eggs contain large amounts of lutein. This substance is responsible for clear, sharp vision. If it is deficient, destructive changes in the tissues around the eye accumulate and vision is irreversibly damaged.

7- Reduces cancer risk

The hill our brain needs also reduces the chance of getting cancer. And for women, according to research, who consumed eggs daily as teenagers, the risk of breast cancer was reduced by 18%.

8- Pregnancy

B vitamins are also involved in the formation of reproductive hormones. Vitamin B9 has another name: folic acid. With its help, red blood cells are produced, the fetal neural tube is formed, and the risk of delayed mental development in the child is reduced. Therefore, B9 is essential for women during pregnancy and childbirth. One egg contains 7.0 mkg of this vitamin.

9- Slows the aging process

According to research by Dutch scientists, in 87% of women aged 35 to 40, pigmentation spots disappeared, the skin became smoother, and for men, small wrinkles around the eyes visibly reduced.

Well, you know all the health benefits of eggs, what you’re waiting to incorporate them into your daily diet!

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