How To Do Push Ups

Push-up are one of the most helpful exercise, both for body and mind. It help to shape and tone your shoulders, triceps and glutes, strengthens the chest and helps to tone and tighten your core. An exercise that can be done anywhere at home or office no specific equipment.

How To Do Push Ups, Hiit Workout

How to do a proper push ups

  1. Lie face down on a mattress, extend your arms and rest your hands apart according to the width of your shoulders.
  2. Stretch your legs and place only the tip of your feet on the floor. If you’re just beginning you can support your knees leaving your calves and feet in the air.
  3. Tighten your buttocks and abdomen throughout the exercise.
  4. Let the body descend until the chest is very close to the floor but not touching them.
  5. After a pause in this position, return to the initial position.

This video shows you the correct push-up:

There are different push ups variants to choose from.

Wall Pushup: Stand in front of the wall and stretch your arms to rest your hands on it. Next, stand on tiptoe and flex your elbows as you carry your torso forward. The body should lean slightly and do not forget to leave your back always straight.

Knee push up: Lie face down on the mattress, rest your palms across your shoulders, and then cross your legs and lift your feet to support yourself with your knees. Then bend your elbows and bring your torso forward. Keep your face as close to the mat as possible. Last, return to the beginning position.

Bench push up: You need a bench, a chair or a low table. First, place your hands shoulder-width apart and stretch your legs diagonally to the floor. You should only keep with your toes. And then bend your elbows and bring your torso forward to almost touching your chest with the bench. Finally, hold for some seconds and return to the beginning position.

Spider-man push-up: Bring one knee to the side of the body toward the elbow during the lower part of the movement. This works the oblique abs and also improves balance. Keep the knee in the same place for a couple of repetitions before switching sides or bring it back and forth for each arm bending.

Push up knee to chest: This movement is like to Spider-Man push up, but the knee moves under the body, rather than to the side, so the abs will work harder than the obliques.

Kick-out push up: At the top of the flexion, you should kick strongly one leg toward the hard side to strengthen the quadriceps (this will ignite the abs and improve flexibility). Try to bring your foot as far forward as possible.

Cross kick push-up: This is even more complex than Kick-out Push up. At the top of the movement, you must turn your body to one side and kick. Since example: throw the left leg to the right of the body. This will add a few explosive power to the legs and abdominal muscle muscles, while greatly activating the core.