How to make your own homemade face mask for coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate in the United States, many officials are asking everyone to cover their faces in public. We tell you how you can easily make masks

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) originally advised against the use of masks for healthy people, research increasingly suggests that people who do not have clear symptoms are spreading coronavirus infections.

The CDC is now re-evaluating the guidelines, taking into article how face masks affect transmission.

“I think there’s some reason to use them much more than we do now,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease official.

However, facial covers should be worn without the critical N95 masks needed by medical professionals.

So, instead of using the N95 masks needed by medical professionals, you can make your own mask from materials found at home.

Fabric masks should work well, as long as the material allows you to breathe while wearing it. These masks are recommended because they at least prevent particles in the person’s breath and cough from dispersing.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, we are now learning that any mask is better than none, and it may be time for healthy people to begin wearing them.

How to make a pleated mask — no sewing involved


Well, if you can sew, that’s wonderful. We have found an easy to follow tutorial that will show you step by step how to sew your own face mask. We suggest using some cotton fabric, like the denim of an old pair of jeans. Make sure the fabric is thick enough so that you can’t see through it when you hold 2 layers together.

How to Sew a Surgical Face Mask for Hospitals

How to make a N95 PM2.5 face mask

Masks made of cotton and elastic will certainly not harm anyone at home or when going out, as long as people follow the other recommended protocols to stay healthy.


You’ll have no more trouble getting your own homemade face mask. Share it with all your friends!