Natural Ways To Remove Tartar From Teeth At Home

Let’s start from the basics, what is tartar? Tartar, easily distinguished by the color yellow or brown. This is a deposit that is formed when plaque hardens on the tooth. It appears on the surface of teeth and gums, causing bleeding from the gums, bad breath and, if untreated, the possible loss of teeth.

So if you’re looking in a mirror and notice that your teeth probably have tartar buildup on them, you may wonder, “How to remove tartar from teeth?

The accumulation of tartar on teeth easily adheres to enamel, so it can only be removed completely by a dental professional. However, some home remedies are available that you can try when the tartar buildup problem is not severe.

1- Brush with baking soda

2- Applying apple cider vinegar

Soak your toothbrush in apple cider vinegar then brush your teeth like usual. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Do this once or twice a week because cider vinegar can harm your teeth by leaving it too long or by brushing too often.


3- Banana peel

After brushing your teeth, rub them against the inside of a banana peel, and then brush your teeth again with toothpaste, and you will feel the tartar slowly being removed each day.

4- Apple

Traditionally, this fruit has been used as a reliable alternative for home tartar removal. When an apple is eaten with bites, it causes the pulp to drag on the surface of the teeth, removing plaque and tartar that may be forming. In addition to the nutrients it provides, regular apple consumption prevents the reappearance of tartar, keeping the mouth healthy, clean and looking good.

5- Clove

Previously crushed, they can be used before brushing with the toothpaste. This will cleanse the plaque, removing it gradually and significantly. Alternatively, cloves can be mixed with water as a mouthwash.

6- Orange peel and bay leaf

After drying the peel of an orange, spray a little with some bay leaves and make a paste by adding some water, brush your teeth with it and rinse perfectly afterwards.

7- Strawberries

Other home remedies for tartar removal are strawberries, cut in half. They rub the surface of the teeth with the pulp which, thanks to its characteristic granularity, removes part the accumulated tartar and gradually frees the teeth from the plaque, leaving them whiter soon after performing a daily routine.

Remember that a few routine changes can also help. recommended quitting tobacco, brushing and flossing regularly, increasing spicy foods into your diet (to promote saliva build-up and natural cleaning process). and regular visits to the dentist.

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