Just 5 second a day that will keep your spine healthy for years to come!

Every day in bed, do this routine that won’t take up much time. It works great!

Just 5 second a day that will keep your spine healthy for years to come!, Hiit Workout

It is necessary to admit that all people do not know what important function is assigned to spine in body. First, it is necessary to realize that spine is the basic supporting structure of our body, which is always under stress.

How often we forget that our spine requires as much attention as other parts of the body. The payback for this is the displacement of intervertebral discs, hernia, osteochondrosis, pinching of nerve roots, etc.

The result – we are accompanied by constant pain in different parts of the body, changes the quality of life. However, there is only a single simple exercise that will help maintain the health of your spine for many years.

Make a good habit of stretching your spine every day while lying in bed at night:


1. Raise your hands up towards your body, not towards the ceiling.

2. Then bend the ankle joint, i.e. take both feet and straighten your knees.

3. Tighten the buttocks, stretch them.

4. Pull the lower abdomen and press your waist tightly into bed.

5. Now, while maintaining this position, stretch your arms up and heels down, stretching the spine in two directions.

6. Start pull-out hold from 5 seconds and slowly bring it to 20 seconds.

7. Then relax well.

I recommend that you first practice this exercise on the floor, on a mat, and once you have mastered and experienced well, do it every time before going to bed.

So what is the effect of this exercise?

By stretching the spine before bed, you stretch the vertebrae between each other, increasing the distance between them and freeing the deformed and constricted intervertebral discs.

The space available will give the discs flattened during the day, absorb enough fluid overnight, and next day the discs will successfully perform their damping function!

By stretching your spine overnight, you keep it healthy for years to come.