Only a few people get how many eggs are left

However, thanks to the Internet, today we have at our disposal an infinite variety of puzzles and riddles. Like this one, which has been popping up everywhere online lately.

The puzzle below has made thousands of people want to tear their hair out trying to solve it. It’s anything but easy, however, if you focus and think about it, you should be able to do it.

How many eggs do I have left?

Here comes today’s puzzle. Check out this picture.

Only a few people get how many eggs are left, Hiit Workout

So the puzzle is:
I have six eggs.
I broke two.
I cooked two.
I ate two.
How many eggs do I have left?

Can you give us the answer? Think about it, read the riddle a few times. We will show you the correct answer below.

So here’s the answer

The right answer is 4.

How? Well, if I had six eggs. Then I broke, cooked and ate two of them, I’d still have four eggs. The text is written to fool you into thinking all the eggs are gone. Clever, isn’t it?

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