This Japanese trick will help you lose belly fat quickly

There is no simpler way to lose weight than this Japanese trick, what do you waiting to try it? Also helps eliminate back pain!

As we know, Japanese people distinguish themselves by being thin, so it is not surprising that they have some tricks to help them lose weight, so if you would like to know one of these methods, we tell you here about a very effective one.

Japanese trick

This Japanese trick, which has been virtually viralized thanks to a YouTube video, is to control the muscles of the belly while we work on our breathing, so or easier?

It was named by actor Miki Ryosuke as the prolonged breathing technique and although it was recommended by his doctor to relieve back pain, it turned out be an excellent weight-loss trick, because it helps strengthen the stomach, oxygenate the body and eliminate fat from the waist.

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Ryosuke’s results were 13 kilos and 12 centimeters less waist, which means that only with this easy exercise, which requires no more than 2 or 10 minutes a day, we can obtain multiple benefits.

Steps for Performing the Prolonged Breathing Technique

This Japanese trick will help you lose belly fat quickly, Hiit Workout

1. To start, we must stand, with our back stretched and one leg slightly further forward than the other, so that the tip of the foot behind touches the heel of the front foot.

2. Afterwards, you must contract your buttocks and put your weight on your back leg. Breathe in for a count of 3 seconds while raising your arms and move them forward as if you were saluting the sun (they should be above your head and touching your ears).

3.  Hold position and exhale forcefully for 7 seconds while tightening all muscles in your body.

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