what does lion tattoo meaning

Do you know exactly what that means? Lion is animal that represent strength, bravery, power, but they can too offer other connotations.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout

In this article we’re going to discover the meaning of lion tattoo, so that you understand what is usually related this feline and decide if you would like to impregnate that message on your skin.

Personal power

The lion always been considered the representative of power, they is considered the king of the jungle.

since ancient times, the lion was also a symbol associated with the wealthier classes of a society because, just as they were the most powerful animals in their environment, those people were theirs.

If you decide to get a lion tattoo you should know that it can also reflect your personal power, that’s, it is not necessary that you’re talking about economic or material power, but about your own worth as a human. They’re a way of indicating that you’re your own king and that you’ve the strength, courage and power necessary to live life as you really wish.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout

Freedom and strength

The beginning thing that comes to mind when we think of a lion is it is ferocity, its strength and it is dangers. They’re animals that have all of the time been considered fierce and dangerous for human beings, in fact, they’re the kings of the savanna because their authority ahead of most other animals that live on their lands.

Hence, one of the meanings of a lion tattoo can be related your own strength and bravery, something that doesn’t have to be physical, but a spiritual force, an force that allows you to overcome some obstacle with your head held high.

But also this meaning of strength and courage, the lion as well represents freedom by being an animal that is free in the wilderness, lives in harmony with nature, and its strength allows it to continue its life with almost no obstacles.

In this sense, a lion tattoo can mean that you’re a person with a free spirit and that, by drawing yourself a wild animal, you relate to this way of living wildly, consonant with their nature.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout

A lion tattoo also meaning family unity

lion is animal that live in herds and take great care of their offspring, so, a tattoo of this type can also reflect the link you’ve with your family, how important is the family world for you.

You can choose for a normal lion tattoo or a lioness tattoo because, deep down, these are the ones in charge of protecting the little ones, teaching them how to hunt and looking of them until they become adults.

The lionesses, too, are symbols of femininity and the strength of women because they’re the ones in charge of hunting, maintaining the family nucleus and procreating. For this reason, if you’re a strong woman, a lioness can be your perfect tattoo.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout

A symbol of protection

Since the lion is believed to be a powerful and strong animal, it’s too been given meanings of protection and guardian. This is why it is image is in many buildings, paintings and sculptures from cultures all over the world as they believe that having a lion there will give it protection in every way.

Hence, if you decide to get a tattoo of this case you should know that a meaning of the lion tattoo may be related the fact that you prefer to protect yourself, something like an amulet of happy chance and successfulness.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout

The Rasta Lion

If the lion you’re tattooing is a rasta lion, then it is meaning is somewhat a different as it will be associated with the Rastafarian culture. We must mind that the lion of Judah is considered the representative of Selassie I, the emperor of Ethiopia and thus the highest representative of divinity and of this culture.

This king was highly revered among the Rastafarians as he was the first black monarch this country had; consequently, he was considered the “prophet of liberation”.

In the event that you opt for a Rastafarian lion you should know that as well its link to the power of Ethiopia, this tattoo may also be related the teachings of this movement which is based on love, respect and tolerance for all living beings on Earth.

what does lion tattoo meaning, Hiit Workout