What happens to your body if you eat 2 eggs a day

Regardless of your opinion on eggs, let’s face it, eating eggs each morning is a good way to start the day.

After reading the information in this article, though, I’ve upped my egg intake to at least two daily.

What do eggs contain

Eggs contain vitamins A, D and E, also as B12, riboflavin and folate. On top of that, you will find minerals such iodine, iron, calcium, zinc and selenium.

Eggs and cholesterol

You might have heard that eggs are bad for you because they contain cholesterol?

Wrong. There’s certainly cholesterol in eggs, but it’s not the horribly bad for you, get into the blood type cholesterol. You shouldn’t be worrying about cholesterol in eggs, or so says dietary expert Jennie Nyenvik of website Aftonbladet.

1. You start losing weight

What happens to your body if you eat 2 eggs a day

keep in mind that eggs can help make you feel full for longer, meaning that they are useful towards lowering your calorie intake overall.

Also, studies show that a protein rich breakfast can actually help you with weight loss. According to research, a low-calorie diet, combined with a regular dose of eggs for breakfast, can help you lose weight twice as fast.

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2. Eggs strengthen your immune system

Studies have shown that just two eggs a day can help protect from infections, viruses and general illness.

An egg contains 22% of the recommended daily intake of selenium; an element well known for bolstering you immune system.

3. Better memory

Have you ever heard of the amino acid choline? It affects the nerve signals that help us to remember the little things day-after-day – take, for example, where you left your keys or wallet.

According to research, additional supplements of choline can improve memory and responsiveness.

4. Sight is preserved thanks to lutein

New research has shown eggs are rich in lutein. This substance is responsible clear and sharp eyesight. With its deficiency, destructive changes in the eye tissues accumulate, and eyesight irreversibly deteriorates.

Luten is produced naturally by your eyes, and protects the retina from being damaged.

5. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and counteracting depression

Vitamin D can be hard to obtain in winter, however, eggs can actually help you get it. Vitamin D is, of course, enormously helpful towards the PH balance of our teeth and the strength of our bones generally. Vitamin D can also be of assistance in counteracting depression!

As you eat eggs you get calcium, which is important for strengthening your skeleton and preventing osteoporosis.

6. Reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Eggs contain plenty of folate, which is a type of vitamin B necessary for the formation of new red blood cells.

People lacking in folate can be at risk of anaemia. Folate is also important when it comes to foetuses developing properly in the womb.

Also, eggs contain omega-3 acids which reduce triglyceride levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Building muscle

What happens to your body if you eat 2 eggs a day

A lot people looking to add muscle mass choose to consume plenty of eggs – they do it for a reason. Eggs are packed full of protein, which is, of course, crucial for those looking to bulk up their frame.

8. Protects the skin, hair and nails

Amongst their abundance of other properties, eggs also contain plenty of B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. This help you to keep healthy skin, hair and nails.

9. Decreases the risk of cancer

According to the results of a study, for women whose daily diet in adolescence included eggs, the risk of developing breast cancer decreased by 18%.

10. Anti-ageing

What happens to your body if you eat 2 eggs a day

As previously stated, eggs contain amino acids that help to build and regenerate cells. This can aid anti-ageing when it comes to your appearance.

Research conducted by Dutch scientists. In 87% of women from 35 to 40 years old, age spots disappeared and skin lifted. In men, the wrinkles around the eyes noticeably smoothed.

I’m sure you already knew eggs were good for you, but perhaps now you’ll look at eggs in a new light.

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